european Remapping - custom Remaps Vs Library Maps
you realize how remapping the european can enhance your automobile's overall performance: more energy and torque, smoother coping with, higher gas financial system. Now all you need to do is discover someone to do the paintings. you will probably word that some businesses market it custom or bespoke maps and other businesses speak approximately the usage of library maps. it is sincerely important to realize the difference among the two styles of remapping. Bespoke remapping can be more high-priced, however it has enormous blessings that make it nicely really worth the value.
Bespoke or custom remapping begins with the report that is to your automobile's european proper now. The technician downloads the unique ecu map from the automobile and then modifies parts of it to beautify engine overall performance. Remaps The files for plenty distinct tactics are tuned with costly pc software program. The technician ought to understand the first-rate way to recalibrate every putting -- in other words, he has to understand what he's doing.
in addition to the maps that manage fuel combustion, the eu also incorporates records pertinent for your car consisting of immobiliser information, software updates, bug fixes from the producer, and so on. because of this, simplest the files that want to be changed are touched at some stage in the remapping -- other essential data about the car is left intact. Then the map is flashed back to the ecu, overwriting the existing record. a replica of the authentic ecu file is kept by the provider issuer, simply in case. Bespoke remapping is usually tailor-made for your specific car, which ensures the exceptional viable effects.
Remapping with a library document is quite exceptional. The technician does not use the original european document from your car. as an alternative, a changed eu map is selected from a library of possibly 10,000 regular documents. The library report is copied lower back to the automobile's eu, overwriting the whole thing -- which includes any car-particular data that could had been on the original record.
Now, this collection of library files has a shady past. It consists of european files that someone compiled from unknown sources, copied to a CD, and offered for a few pounds over the net. Many, if now not maximum, of the european documents had been stolen from professional remappers. As a end result, you truely don't know anything about the excellent of the documents or how they may have an effect on your engine.
Remapping the ecu with a library record is a mistake that may have dire consequences. The library report possibly may not incorporate the immobiliser software program that continues your vehicle comfortable. It may not have current software updates or essential worm fixes. And permit's no longer overlook that a service issuer the use of library documents in all likelihood cuts corners in different ways, with cheap equipment and minimum technician training.
What happens whilst you replace a automobile's precise eu map with a library record? honestly the engine would possibly output greater electricity after the remap, however there is no assure that the development might be what you anticipated. Your engine gadget might also all at once develop system defects and fail to operate because it ought to. the eu could freeze up and grow to be inaccessible so that you can't even restore the harm. without the regular security features, your vehicle might be stolen more without problems. And worst of all, you might be compelled to spend a lot of cash changing the ecu or repairing the engine.
Now that you know why custom maps are so much better than library maps, how do you find someone to do the work? First and fundamental, make certain the organisation definitely does provide bespoke remapping this is completed by using certified technicians. it is not difficult to tell whether you are coping with a expert or a poseur. just ask the technician some questions about how the remapping is done, what sort of files he makes use of, which engine settings are changed, and so on. A certified and experienced individual may be perfectly able to explain the finer factors of the remapping technique to you. And if a person mentions library files or tries to persuade you that library files are simply as precise as custom files, cross them off the list.
there is not anything incorrect with shopping around to evaluate prices, however do not make fee the determining aspect. this is a excessive-tech industry and generation prices cash. in case you discover a service issuer with very low expenses, ask your self why. likely, they are the usage of library files and reasonably-priced equipment for remapping.